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Buy the latest portable interactive, digital capture whiteboard and collaboration solutions for education and business with eBeam and Equil product such as Equil Smartmarker, eBeam Edge+ Wireless, etc.

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  1. eBeam Edge+ Wireless

    • Edge+ Sensor
    • Edge+ Stylus
    • Interactive Whiteboarding
    • Remote Meeting
    • Annotate Over Anything
    • Largest Maximum Capture Area
    • Media Rich Gallery
    • Fully Wireless
    • LCD/LED Display Bracket

  2. Equil Smartmarker

    • Smartmarker Sleeve
    • Smartmarker Sensor
    • Physical Whiteboard Capture
    • Mobile or Desktop Connection
    • Stream Notes in Real Time
    • Largest Maximum Capture Area
    • Onboard Memory
    • Fully Wireless
    • super portable and easy to use anywhere



2 Item(s)


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